Anorak News | Anthea Turner walks in poor Della’s shoes as Grant Bovey ‘cheats’

Anthea Turner walks in poor Della’s shoes as Grant Bovey ‘cheats’

by | 29th, July 2012

AT times like this we pare a thought for Della. The Sun repots that Anthea Turner is“heartbroken” over allegations that her husband Grant Bovey, 50, has been having sex with a 24-year-old.

Anthea, 52, is said to have told a friend: “I’m devastated, but the support of Grant’s daughters is keeping me going.”

A source said: “She is going through a hellish time and keeps crying on the phone. She needs a bit of space to think and clear her head.”

As Anorak readers know, Bovey and Turner married in 2000 after Grant split with his wife, the aforesaid “poor” Della. Bovey was famous for lending his name to a colour “(Bovey (adj) – An orangey-brown colour. As in, “That meat looks off. It’s gone a horrible bovey colour”), fighting Ricky Gervais in a TV boxing match and dumping wife Della Bovey for TV’s Miss Sunshine, Anthea Turner, with whom he’d been having an affair. Turner was the wife of Bovey’s friend Peter Powell, the Radio 1 DJ. In 2000, TV’s Golden Girl wrote the autobiography, Fools Rush In, which outlined her perfect life and revealed that “in 1988 Grant had a brush with stardom when he released a single called Don’t Turn Your Back”.

The tabloids lapped it up when Della embarked on a public campaign to win her husband back, which included appearing at the same public events as Turner and Bovey. He returned to their family home but the rapprochement lasted only a few months. He would go back to Turner. When they married in 2000, the rights wer sold to OK! magazine, which featured the pair tucking into Cadbury’s chocolate bars.

Anthea achieved the role of being just about the most vilified and loathed celebrity who ever rose and then fell from fame’’s rostrum. Having failed to reassert her fame preseting BBC3’s Anthea Turner – Perfect Housewife, a show featuring Anthea turning her Surrey mansions into a place more ordered than Hitler’s sock drawer, in 2011 the then 51-year-old Anthea featured in a Daily Mail spread on women in this fifties who were now “foxier” than they were in their 20s. Showcaseing her new Botoxed face and breasts, she opined:

“I weigh just under 9st, which is almost a stone heavier than when I got married (to businessman Grant Bovey) when I was 40. I’m sensible about what I eat, but I will indulge my sweet tooth occasionally.”

Anthea is currently working in Canada as a judge on the TV show Dinner Party Wars. An evening with Bovey, Powell, Della and the Boveys’ three daughters should make it must-see telly…


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