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Gilllian Anderson is not 100% gay, okay?

by | 31st, July 2012

THIRTYSOMETHING men may have lusted after Scully from X Files, but it seems that women should’ve too because Gillian Anderson has had relationships with the fairer sex. Of course, this news saw people leaping to their feet and proclaiming ‘THEN, SHE MUST BE A GAY!”, completely forgetting that bisexual people exist and, furthermore, people who can’t be bothered putting a label on what they are because, ultimately, it is absolutely futile.

However, Gillian Anderson is famous and she needs to be pressed on these matters. Basically, we’re all salivating and need to know whether she’s political or pervy because, obviously, they’re the only two options available to us.

And Gillian has said that she ”never” indentified with being gay ”100 per cent” and admits she ”always knew” she still liked men even when she was involved with boob-owners. The previously revealed to Out Magazine that she’s been in relationships with woman, but still liked men throughout.

She said: ”I was talking to Out about gays and choice, and the view that you can just choose not to be gay in some way. I decided to talk about it now because someone with whom I was in a relationship a couple of decades ago – a woman – passed away about a year ago.

”I was talking about her and, in the context of the gentle conversation we were having, I thought I would say that I have had a couple of relationships with women, but that wasn’t my experience because I did have a choice. I always knew I still liked boys.

”Being gay was never something that I identified with 100 per cent, because I knew that for me it wasn’t the only way.”

Now, there’ll be some who felt a flush of anger at the word ‘choice’ in there, but this is one everyone will have to take on the chin because, sadly for those of you sticking to one sex, bisexual people completely have a choice. Sickener eh? Bi people can fancy anyone they damn well please, and there’s you, sat with a folder filled with one gender. What a bozo you are.

In fact, Anderson is a patron and fundraiser of the Trevor Project, which is helps teenagers who are confused about their sexuality.

”I haven’t spoken up about it before because there isn’t the same fear and stigma now that there was.”

Yes, but regardless of all that, we’re all utterly obsessed with who is having sex with each other and making constant judgement calls because, effectively, we’re a dying species with nothing better to do than chatter about the sex everyone is getting and taking photos of our lunch before we even eat.

Kill us all, now.

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