Anorak News | Edinburgh teen tweets picture of dying man who fell asleep in a bus lane

Edinburgh teen tweets picture of dying man who fell asleep in a bus lane

by | 31st, July 2012

WHEN Ikram Choudhury, 17, spotted a man lying in a bus lane in Leith, Edinburgh, at 1:56am he reacted. He did not dial 999. He did not offer assistance. He just stopped in the car he was a passenger in, took a photo and tweeted it with the words:

“Eeeehm wtf? Some guy just casually lying outside Ocean Terminal.”

The man had been hit by a car and left to die. Craig Williams, 35, had fallen asleep in a bus lane after a night out.

Choudhury replied to those who asked why he did not stop to help:

“at if like i went over n he like tried doin some dodgy shit to me?” 

At 2.10am, police arrived and called an ambulance. Mr Williams, 35, died from his injuries at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Choudhury has deleted his twitter account and apologised:

 “News reports make out I knew how serious the situation was when I posted the tweet but I didn’t have a clue.”

The Daily Mirror says he’ s 19.

One friend of the deceased, Lisa Stephenson, said:

“That is terrible, what type of person would do that I’m so shocked, it’s awful, lets hope he gets what he deserves the twat!”

Others go on the record:

Luke Palmer: “I hope you wont mind being left to die and ridiculed on social media afterwards you sicko because you deserve nothing less. I hope your friends and family disown you for this sick act. you could have saved this mans life but instead you chose to ridicule him you disgust me.”

Update: The drier of a silver Vauxhall Astra was contacted by police in connection with the hit-and-run.

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