Anorak News | Bullshit maths at the ‘under budget’ London 2012 Olympics

Bullshit maths at the ‘under budget’ London 2012 Olympics

by | 3rd, August 2012

HOW bullshit works at London 2012 Olympics:

“The London Olympics is set to come in under its £9.3bn budget with £476m of the contingency funding left, according to new government figures. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it was “fantastic news” that the Games would be on time and under budget” – BBC, July 13, 2012

Under budget?

2003: £1.796bn – “Arup says the Games would cost £779m to put on: £403m to build new facilities, £325m to buy land in East London, £167m investment in athletes to boost medal chances and £109m risk money”

Who are Arup? From their website:

“We provide pragmatic, complete guidance by using our strategic expertise to forge better links between traditional silos of thinking.”

2003: £2.375bn

2005: £2.4bn

2006: £3.3bn – “This project is under control,” says Tessa Jowell, the then Culture secretary

2007: £9.35bn

Under budget, then…


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