Anorak News | J-Lo’s boyfriend Casper ‘accidentally’ went into ‘exotic massage parlour’

J-Lo’s boyfriend Casper ‘accidentally’ went into ‘exotic massage parlour’

by | 6th, August 2012

WE’VE all been there haven’t we? Accidentally finding ourselves in an exotic massage parlour… then an adult bookshop… then in a lingerie store. It happens all the time. And so, we find ourselves pitying poor Jennifer Lopez because that’s what her boyfriend has done.

Yep, her 25-year-old beau, Casper Smart isn’t living up to his name by bringing the rumour mill to J-Lo’s doorstep. AGAIN. Casper paid a visit to a so-called “exotic massage parlour” and a gay porn shop and now, Lopez is thinking about being single.

“They have not split yet, but it’s fair to say they are cooling off a bit,” says a source. “The pictures have created a distance between them. Even if Casper is telling the truth, and he didn’t mean to walk into the doorway, it just proves how young and immature he is. He should have been more careful. he knows he is often being followed by paparazzi.”

Casper was photographed entering and leaving an adult toy store and lingerie shop and people thought he might be buying gifts for Lopez’s 43rd birthday. Others meanwhile just assumed he was gay. Neither of these things should matter of course, but celebrities are prone to going nutso about such matters in a bid to protect their sanitised brand.

Smart claimed that he had simply got lost and entered the wrong doorway. Wouldn’t it be much better if Jennifer Lopez simply shrugged and said ‘Hey! We’re dirty as hell and get up to all manner of things! Seriously! It’d make your eyes water! God, I love being lusted after and thunderously wealthy!’?

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