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Tia Sharp: The Daily Express smells ‘bodies and blood’ in New Addington

by | 9th, August 2012

TIA SHARP is now front-page news. So too is Stuart Hazell. The 12-year-old girl has been missing for 6 days. The Daily Star leads with:


Stuarts Hazell is 37. He’s the boyfriend of Chritine Sharp, 46, Tia’s grandma. The media is whispering about Stuart Hazell. He’s not under arrest. He’s not a named suspect in a any crime. He is a witness helping the police with their enquiries. As for being her toyboy… Well, if a nine-year age gap makes them stop and stare, know that Daily Star owner Richard Desmond is 60. His fiancee is Joy Canfield. She’s in her late 30s. Is he is toygirl?

The Star adds:

THE boyfriend of Tia Sharp’s grandmother was quizzed by police over her disappearance yesterday. Stuart Hazell, who lives with Christine Sharp, 46, was led away by detectives after sniffer dogs scoured their house for clues.

Sniffer dogs? No. One alsatian dog.

The Star adds:

There are no suspects and police said Mr Hazell was being quizzed as a potential witness. He had not been arrested and returned home after two-and-a-half hours.

Looks like he passed that ‘quiz’. Although the Star adds that Mr Hazell is “a convicted drug-dealer”.

The Express uses its report to create an impression:

THE step-grandfather of missing Tia Sharp was yesterday led away from his house by police for questioning.

Led away? No-one touched him. He was not in handcuffs. He walked under his own steam to a waiting car.

Anil Dawar then adds:

Wearing jeans, a grey hooded top and black jacket, the convicted drug dealer looked emotionless as he walked to the detectives’ unmarked black car. He later returned home.

Emotionless? Not what we saw. He looked stressed and upset.

Dawar then adds this utter bollocks:

A German shepherd trained to find bodies and blood spent 30 minutes in the house with two officers.

No. Spaniels and labradors are trained to find blood and bodies. This is ghoulish speculation.

Scotland Yard has stated that Mr Hazell has been interviewed “as a witness”. He is not under arrest.

Tia Sharp is also on the front page of the caring Sun. Its headline oozes:


Only, the ‘new evidence’ is nothing to do with his ‘quiz’. The new evidence is that a witness has made a statement that they saw Tia Sharp walking alone on the street. The Sun notes:

TIA Sharp’s ‘grandad’ keeps a stony silence as he is led away by cops yesterday to be quizzed as a witness in the 12-year-old’s disappearance.

For stoney silence read ‘not talking to the press parked on his doorstep in New Addington as he heads to the police station to give a statement’. The tabloids have used words like stony and emotionless to describe Mr Hazell. You an make anyone look iffy if you choose the right words and angle.

The cynical Sun then places itself at the centre of the story of missing child it pretends to know:

As the search focused on lock-ups and garages near Christine’s New Addington home, The Sun’s £25,000 reward posters were pasted up by locals.

As the Sun creates a marketing opportunity from a crisis, The Daily Mail writes:

Mr Hazell showed no emotion and declined to comment as two detectives led him from the house to an unmarked car.

Oh, we don’t know. He looked pretty upset.

The Daily Mirror delivers:

“I wasn’t there when she vanished: Missing Tia’s gran says she did not see schoolgirl for 24 hours before”

Missing Tia Sharp’s gran has told detectives she did not see the schoolgirl in the 24 hours before her disappearance.

It had been thought Christine Sharp, 46, spent the evening with Tia, 12, and partner Stuart Hazell, 37, at her house.

But she says she was working as a carer overnight last Thursday and did not return home until late the following afternoon – the day Tia vanished.

Tia’s uncle David Sharp wrote on the Facebook page Help Find Tia:

“Stuart has done nothing wrong the police are doing their job he has got to make a formal statement that’s all so stop pointing your fingers we are not the sick family you are trying to make out so if you are not willing to help find Tia LEAVE THIS SITE.”

Anyone who has seen Tia or knows of her whereabouts should call Merton Police on 101 (quoting reference 12MIS025216); or Missing People on 116 000


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BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE Undated handout photo issued by the Metropolitan Police of 12-year-old Tia Sharp, who was last seen leaving her grandmother's home in New Addington, south east London, at around midday on Friday.

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