Anorak News | Gay Day celebration attacked by Rapists For God

Gay Day celebration attacked by Rapists For God

by | 9th, August 2012

TO Grand Rapids, Michigan, the enlightened rock up at the Gay Day celebration of the area’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents to tell the good people that they are going to rape them in the name of the Lord. The Black Supremicist Hebrew Israelite preachers are here to do God’s raping less you take away their chicken sandwiches:

At the moment when I walked into Gay Day this past Saturday, it was surreal, like some kind of charming French romance… But, OH, we couldn’t have that for long. A group of protestors showed up to harass from the other side of a chain link fence. They came armed with Bibles. And it wasn’t the usual, “repent or go to Hell.” Rather, it was the decree that all races would war against each other and the losers would have their women ravished. Which, according to one of the vitrolic protestors meant, “you ass is gonna get raped.”

Never trust a man who colours in his Bible.

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