Anorak News | Michael Jackson’s corpse and the case of the big fake will

Michael Jackson’s corpse and the case of the big fake will

by | 9th, August 2012

WHEN any furiously wealthy person dies, there’s always a mad scramble through the ribcage of the cadaver in a bid to stake some kind of financial claim. It’s all incredibly undignified and very rarely gets cleared up quickly and neatly.

And so, supreme corpse, Michael Jackson, has something of a dogfight on his grave as everyone tries to get a slice of his vast riches and now, the very validity of his will is being questioned, this time in federal court.

Howard Mann, a memorabilia dealer who published a book with Katherine ‘Michael Jackson’s Mum’ Jackson two years ago, has filed legal documents claiming that he was “in possession of evidence that casts substantial doubt on the validity of the will.

He said that he hopes to present the evidence in court when he to trial next month (he’s currently fighting with the estate’s executors over intellectual property contained in the book and a website created to sell it).

“I am not backing down from my court fight with these guys. I’m not interested in settling with them. I came out and said these guys were a fraud two years ago,” Mann said. “I have many people who will come and give testimony that the entire administration is a fraud and a collusive operation designed to take assets away from Katherine and Michael’s kids,” he said.

So what’s this evidence? Well, backing up a claim made by Janet Jackson, Mann says that the 2002 will is “fake” because it was signed with a Los Angeles dateline while in actuality the King of Pop was in New York at an event with the Rev. Al Sharpton.

“I have no ability to contest the will. It’s not up to me to prove its validity. All I have to do is prove they don’t own certain copyrights,” he said.

And Janet’s lawyer issued a statement on Friday, which said that Janet, Randy and Rebbie would “press forward in their search for the truth… It is important to stress that Janet, Randy and Rebbie have questioned the validity of the will with no financial motive whatsoever – they stand to gain nothing financially by a finding that the will is invalid.”

“What will be gained by a finding of invalidity is that the executors will be replaced and the estate and the guardianship will be managed in a manner that is in the best interests of the children, which is what Michael wanted,” the lawyer added.

Ah, what Michael Jackson would have wanted… Just what would a man who changed his face, had kiddie slumber parties and kept his children beneath blankets have wanted?


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