Anorak News | Is Studland Beach a haven for pervs, paedos and public masturbators?

Is Studland Beach a haven for pervs, paedos and public masturbators?

by | 12th, August 2012

GRIM news that police in Dorset and hunting a man who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl on Studland beach. I know the beach. It’s part of a lovely walk from the Sandbanks Chain Ferry to Old Harry Rocks. It’s beautiful. It is also the nudist / naturist beach where if you’re not careful you can see a man – nearly alway a naked man – masturbating behind a windbreak, bending over in front of you or stood proud and erect on a dune.

Are the two things linked? It’s tempting to link the deviant to the location. Was this man attracted to the beach by the prospect of seeing naked flesh? My own prejudices and experiences mean that when I heard about this crime I linked it to the nudists. There is no evidence at all that it was.

Pat Thompson, the president of British Naturism told the Times:

“When someone is naked there’s only one place you can look — in their eyes. It very rarely happens that men get excited, because it’s more sexual to see a woman walk past in a skimpy bikini than one with nothing on.”

Most naturists seem to be older. Kevin Maher wondered:

“What happens on your 50th birthday? Does some internal genetic spasm suddenly activate the long-dormant “flash my tackle” gene? Or do you simply become numb to the possibility of shame?” 

Being naked in public has to be sexual. It can’t be anything else. In 2007, we read:

Inspector Ashley Adams, Purbeck Section Commander, said: “The type of problems we are having are groups of people engaging in sexual activity in the sand dunes and woodland, people exposing themselves in public and masturbating. We had a situation with a motorboat moored off the coast allegedly being used for the purposes of prostitution.”


Indeed the online Naturist UK Fact File warns: “Studland has a lot of voyeurs but for the most part they stay in the dunes where there are people happy to provide something for them to watch.”

What say the naturists:

One of the naturists attending the group, Tamara Essex from Dorset, said, “We want naturists to report obscene activities immediately, not just sit there feeling uncomfortable or deciding not to use Studland any more. It’s a fantastic beach and it’s time genuine naturists reclaimed it back from the pervs who hang around the beach and the dunes spoiling our day.”

A naturist writes of another beach:

There are no dunes for creeps & pervs to hide in, the behaviour of the naturists here has been virtually exemplary (unlike the people that frequent Studland!)

If you show it, they will come…

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