Anorak News | How a joke about NBC and stupid Americans went viral on Twitter

How a joke about NBC and stupid Americans went viral on Twitter

by | 12th, August 2012

ON Twitter, the closing ceremony to the London 2012 Olympics was punctuated by Mic Wright @brokenbottleboy tweeting:

NBC Commentator: “That is not actually Batman but a British folk hero known as Del Boy. Sort of like Robin Hood…”

It was a joke. But, apparently, many tweeters thought it was real. He adds:

My tweet about the NBC commentator and Del Boy was a joke. Speaks volumes that people thought it was a genuine quote.


People, including BBC journalists, are now copying my joke tweet about NBC commentators as fact :S #closingceremony

The retweets were many but worse were the Twitter pundits passing off the quote as something they had heard first hand. Odd given that this is NBC – where the show is always pre-recorded.

Those who find it easy to believe in dumb America include:

Ben Fogle ‏@Benfogle – NBC “That is not actually Batman but a British folk hero knownas Del Boy. Sort of like Robin Hood” Oops My bad. Not enough cultural sharing
Laura Holmwood ‏@Lauraholmwood – Joy! RT NBC Commentator: “That is not actually Batman but aBritish folk hero known as Del Boy. Sort of like Robin Hood”
@theJeremyVine NBC Commentator: “That is not actually Batmanbut a British folk hero known as Del Boy. Sort of like RobinHood”
Iain McIntyre ‏@Iain1970 – NBC commentary strikes again! “ThatisnotactuallyBatmanbutaBritishfolkheroknownasDelBoy.SortoflikeRobin Hood”
And with that a joke becomes a fact. It might as well have really happened…

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