Anorak News | Men needed to drive women to and from Saudi Arabia’s women-only city

Men needed to drive women to and from Saudi Arabia’s women-only city

by | 14th, August 2012

NEWS from Saudi Arabia of plans to build a city exclusively for women. The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) has been detailed to create opportunities for women. At a cost of 500 million riyals (£84m) developers will turn a province of the Eastern city of Hafuf into a haven for women who want to work in the glamour trades of, erm, textile making, pharmaceuticals and food processing. The law states that women cannot work in Saudi Arabia outside the home unless a man say it’s ok. But in the Eden of Hafuf they will be free to stand on production lines put things in tins, clean up offices and go to the toilet unsupervised.

The men will soon realise that women are good at sticking things in boxes and cleaning up offices and Saudi Arabia will be dragged into the 19th Century. Well, so long as the women can get their men to pick them up and take them to work.

Modon’s deputy director-general, Saleh Al-Rasheed opines:

“I’m sure that women can demonstrate their efficiency in many aspects and clarify the industries that best suit their interests, their nature and their ability…We have plans to establish a number of women-only industries in various parts of the kingdom.”

US fighter pilots applying their make-up, Maggie Thatcher, Jessica Ennis, Elinor Ostrom, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2, Patsy Sherman, female fire-fighters, doctors, teachers and racing drivers nod in agreement at the great man’s wise words.

In other news, the UK opened its first women’s only city a while back. (Calm down, dear, it’s only a joke…)

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