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Blackpool moves to ban smoking in parks

by | 15th, August 2012

THEY’RE banning smoking in public parks in Blackpool. One day on from news that the seaside town is host to a Hitler crazy golf game, this. Hitler never did smoke. He also didn’t like ballroom dancing, magicians and donkeys. Blackpool should worry when the council seizes control of the air.

The sign on Blackpool’s 13 parks reads: “To protect children this is a designated smokefree site.”

Coun. Ivan Taylor, chairman of Blackpool’s Health and Wellbeing Board, adds: “Smoking is a killer and we need to do all we can to discourage it.”

Might it be better idea to ban children from the park? It is, after all, the youth and little uns who are more likely to scare the wildlife, feed carbs to overfed ducks and hang from the delicate trees?

Spotter: Blackpool Gazzette

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