Anorak News | Fish sneaks into home and smashes place up

Fish sneaks into home and smashes place up

by | 17th, August 2012

TO Changji, Xinjiang Province, China, where Xu Xianmin and his wife are looking for an explanation. How did their home come to be trashed? And why is a catfish in the lounge?

Says Xu:

“I thought my home had been ransacked by thieves. The table was turned over, and stacked plastic bottles were everywhere. When I was picking up things from the other side of the table, I suddenly touched something cold and slippery, and it was moving!”

Kim Jong-il’s supper?

“No thieves would leave a giant fish in the house while stealing nothing. And it’s not possible that someone threw the fish in through the window, as the door and windows were locked. All we can imagine is that the catfish somehow sneaked into the house in the time between us opening the door and then leaving for work.”

Our guess is that it cycled in on a tandem…

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