Anorak News | Tulisa, the Rampant Rabbit and an Olympic gold medal winner

Tulisa, the Rampant Rabbit and an Olympic gold medal winner

by | 19th, August 2012

THE X Factor is underway, and with it comes more news on Tulisa, the show’s designated star. News in the Sun is that Tulisa is not dating right now. But she might do soon. Hey, she might even shag a contestant or a rampant rabbit (read about that PR fakery here). Tulisa is quoted in the Sun today:

“I’m out and about a lot and I meet loads of people but it’s hard to meet someone. If I can’t find it at events where I’m surrounded by people similar to me, in the same industry, I doubt I’m gonna find it in a contestant. I’d never date someone I’m mentoring, or any contestant while the show is on. But if I met a contestant six months down the line that was not in my category, who I just happened to find chemistry with… I’d date anyone who I got along with or who I found date-worthy. Like I said, it doesn’t matter what their job is.”

Or as the Daily Star puts it as a front-page headline:

“Tulisa’s Olympic Hunk”

It’s “Olympic hero Greg Rutherford”. And, no, he’s not dating Tulisa. But he might be. Looks out for shedloads of Tulisa dating news every day until the X Factor ends…

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