Anorak News | Police blow up marijuana ‘pipe bomb’ bong

Police blow up marijuana ‘pipe bomb’ bong

by | 20th, August 2012

LET’S get bombed! In Sherman Heights, San Diego, police have spotted a device that they think looks like a pipe bomb. It’s a 10-inch-long galvanized metal tube with capped ends. It lying in the dirt outside an apartment building.

Someone called the fire brigade. They called the bomb disposal squad. The area was evacuated. An expert checked out the pipe and in their wisdom decided it was a good idea to blow it up with a special rifle. So they did. One cap flew off to reveal the ‘bomb’ as a device for getting bombed. It was a bong for smoking marijuana through.

In other news, a study says that adults in uniform who have smoked marijuana for a prolonged period are likely to suffer delusions, hallucinations, or psychotic episodes. Says one California law enforcement officer, “I thought it was huge metal snake, dude.”

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