Anorak News | Will Mountain Dew name drink ‘Hitler Did Nothing Wrong’?

Will Mountain Dew name drink ‘Hitler Did Nothing Wrong’?

by | 21st, August 2012

SO. How did the campaign to find a new name for Dub the Dew go? Dub the Dew is an green-apple infused soft drink. It’s “Classic Mtn Dew with green apple attitude”. Well, the promotion is now at an end. The results are in. The winning name chosen by your the consumer is “Hitler did nothing wrong,”, which beat entrants like Diabeetus, Fapple and Gushing Granny.

Says Mountain Dew

“Dub the Dew,” a local market promotional campaign that was created by one of our customers – not Mountain Dew – was compromised. We are working diligently with our customer’s team to remove all offensive content that was posted and putting measures in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.  Mountain Dew has a legacy of engaging its most loyal fans to tap innovative ideas for the brand through really successful programs like “DEWMocracy” and “Your Malt Dew” and so we sincerely apologize to all of our fans who may have been offended by this customer’s program.

Drinks have fans?

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