Anorak News | Mel B to clutter up X Factor on a permanent basis?

Mel B to clutter up X Factor on a permanent basis?

by | 21st, August 2012

ANYONE who watched the X Factor over the weekend will still invariably be a ball of irritated tension after seeing Mel B bray her way through her awful, awful judging appearance.

Despite being a largely talentless boor (okay, she’s sold millions of records, but that doesn’t equate to any kind of ‘quality’ because, as the old adage goes, a million flies ’round shit can’t be wrong), she pooh-poohed, sneered, belittled and generally acted in a manner that one could only describe as cruel.

Of course, the former Spice Girl invariably thinks she’s being ‘fierce’ or bitchily camp, but just because you put a name on it, doesn’t mean you’re being anything other than a complete arsehole.

And why didn’t any of the contestants make a disparaging Eddie Murphy comment to her while she tried to screw her botoxy face up?

And yet, someone, somewhere is weighing up bringing Mel B’s carwreck back to the show, under the impression that she was a hit, because the ratings were good. It was the first show in a new series of the X Factor! THEY WERE ALWAYS GOING TO BE GOOD!

A source says: “Mel was our first choice. She was so quick and honest. You can’t let everyone down gently or the praise is meaningless. There’s a lot of money on the table for her next year.”

So murky and crap-flecked is the combined beast-with-two-backs that is the music industry and television, it isn’t surprising that this idea is being floated around. However, the point being missed here is that, if you’re going to act like such a hissing goon, then you need to have a discernible personality to back it up.

Otherwise, the X Factor becomes less like WWE and more like sending poor people to the gallows.

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