Anorak News | Circumcision might be a laughing matter for Dr Wang

Circumcision might be a laughing matter for Dr Wang

by | 21st, August 2012

CIRCUMCISION is a hot topic of debate just now. In Indonesia, it’s a mass participation event. One slip and you can lose your penis. In Mexico, it’s a name. It can save the planet. Nazis hate it – as ever they did. Foreskin Man will save you and your keep your todger intact. Some people use garden shears. Russell Crowe says Jews, Muslims and other popels who circumcise their sons are “barbaric and stupid“.

On the BBC, the debate is heating up. It’s serious stuff. So. Here’s a doctor to help you make sense of it in an adult way:

“You are doing a procedure on someone who cannot make a decision for himself – it’s a difficult choice for both parents and physicians,” says Dr Marvin Wang, co-director of the Newborn Nurseries at Massachusetts General Hospital, who has conducted hundreds of circumcisions.”

It’s nominative determinism. It’s a joke:

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