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Something happend to Elías García Martínez’s Ecce Homo

by | 22nd, August 2012

WHEN the Centro de Estudios Borjanos in Borja, Spain, received a donation from  the granddaughter of 19th-century painter Elías García Martínez something happened. Martínez was known for having painted the Ecce Homo, a fresco on the walls of the church of Santuario de Misericordia. It was a fine work. Then a local woman – perhaps buoyed by the donation – took it upon herself to renovate the fresco. These three pictures together show what happened to the painting:

Picture on left: the original work.

Picture in middle: the pre-renovated work

Picture on right: how it looks now after the well-meaning woman touched it up a little.

It’s what the dead artist would have wanted…

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