Anorak News | Black Kiss 2 is banned in the UK: sales should rocket

Black Kiss 2 is banned in the UK: sales should rocket

by | 22nd, August 2012

YOU won’t read Howard Chaykin’s comic book Black Kiss 2 in the UK. The book is not for children. As Chaykin says:

“It’s all about the three things that matter most: sex, death and the movies. It starts in a nickelodeon and ends in the Internet.”

Black Kiss was was sold in plastic bags by Vortex Press. Casual browsers could not open it in store. Chaykin says Black Kiss 2 is “considerably filthier” than the original. Good for him. Porn sells. 50 Shades of Grey sells.

USA Today reports:

During a recent trip to visit family, he noticed Fifty Shades of Grey was on his daughter-in-law’s night table, and she was embarrassed to admit she was reading the popular book. “She actually put her hand on top of it and looked away, like I wouldn’t notice,” says Chaykin, adding that, even though she never has read comics in her life, his daughter-in-law’s up to date on Black Kiss. “She said, ‘You must be really proud and really ashamed at the same time,’ which I thought was one of the best reviews I’ve ever had.”

Black Kiss 2 is signed for Mature Readers. Is it porn? Rich Johnston writes:

If I catch any of you fiddling with yourself when reading this, then I will be having words. The themes, attitudes and horror of the situation presented should have the opposite effect.

Diamond UK  had the sole distribution rights for the UK. It states:

Retailers will be aware that the first issue of Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss II was rather explicit compared to other comics distributed by Diamond UK. We at Diamond have now had the opportunity to review the second issue and the explicitness has not diminished at all! In fact there are scenes depicted which may fall foul of UK Customs’ regulations on the importing of indecent and obscene material. Consequently Diamond has taken the decision not to distribute any further issues of Black Kiss II in the UK.

Had Diamond UK continued to import this title and encountered problems with Customs, it could have had a knock-on effect on the timely distribution of all titles in the UK. A situation wanted by no one.

All orders for Black Kiss II #2  along with Black Kiss II #1, have been cancelled by Diamond UK. Black Kiss II #1 will be made returnable at a later date. Please look out for details in Discussions.

So. There is it. Black Kiss 2 is banned in the UK. Someone stick that on the cover and sell it online. The thing should fly. Image Comics trails it thus:

Sex, death, and the movies – what else really matters? 

Nearly twenty five years ago, HOWARD CHAYKIN brought the 80s to a close, and comics to the brink, with his landmark erotic thriller, BLACK KISS. Now, after years of anticipation, he’s back with issue one of BLACK KISS II, a six-part miniseries that tells the story behind that legendary story – like the original, in glorious black and white.

And really, now – does it have to be so dirty?

Says Chaykin:

 “I’ve always felt that the shock expressed was more of the hypocritically dutiful, ‘I should be appalled by this or my (girl)friend(s) will think I’m a degenerate variety. You know, like all that adultery and other inappropriate sexual behavior practiced in all those Bible-belting Red States.”

Who are, possibly, his best customers…

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