Anorak News | Prince Harry flashes Max Clifford and the Daily Star’s principles

Prince Harry flashes Max Clifford and the Daily Star’s principles

by | 25th, August 2012

CAN the Daily Star conjure a Prince Harry scoop from thin air? From the paper that told us Simon Cowell was dead and Madeleine McCann has been on the telly, more front-page news:


We dash inside the news organ to discover what Harry got up to with those Las Vegas babes:

TWO of the “hot chicks” who romped with ­naked Prince Harry plan to heap more humiliation on the red-faced royal by selling their stories.

So. There is no news. The Star just has news that there might be news. If the naked Prince Harry story has taught us anything it is that whatever happens next will happen first on the internet.

The Star adsd:

UK public relations guru Max Clifford revealed he had been approached by two women wanting to sell their photos of the prince. Clifford said: “Two people at that party came to me and asked me if I would represent them – would I sell their photos. I said: ‘No.’”

From being photos of Prince Harry larking about like a Regency knob, the Star is turning Harry’s arse into a battle of morals. Having been told by the paper’s boss that it won’t publish the photos because the Star and Express are papers of “principle”, we now get Max Clifford setting the standards. This is the same Clifford who told brought us news of Antonia de Sancha and David Mellor, and who used to to arrange orgies for famous faces, noting in his autobiography:

“A friend had lots of lovely friends and if someone was coming over and wanted to have a good time she would arrange girls – and men – for them.”

Principles. It’s all about principles…

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