Anorak News | Sun hack Matt Bendoris writes interview in drool: Nicola Benedetti might worry

Sun hack Matt Bendoris writes interview in drool: Nicola Benedetti might worry

by | 28th, August 2012

GOOD journalism is about show and not tell. Mindful of that, let’s meet Matt Bendoris, the Scottish Sun’s scribe interviewing “Scots violin queen Nicola Benedetti”. The story seems to have been written entirely in drool:

STUNNING violinist Nicola Benedetti becomes as tightly strung as a Stradivarius when pop babe Rihanna’s name crops up. I must have hit a bum note after asking why the sexy Scot doesn’t make more of her fabulous figure — when she suddenly flies off on one.

Nicola fumes…

So. She’s not happy with the focus on her looks. Bendoris then notes:

So I guess Nicola won’t be posing for the lads’ mags anytime soon. Pity, because she looks fit as a fiddle when we meet at Edinburgh’s plush Sheraton Hotel.

Any negatives, Matt?

But Nicola doesn’t always take the bonniest photo — she’s beaky in pics sometimes, which is weird because in the flesh she’s an absolute knock-out.

If you like beaky women. But once you get past her big hooter:

The classical musician is wearing skinny jeans which show off her long legs. She’s also busty with a washboard flat tummy, tottering around 5ft 10in in her Dune platform wedges.

Talking of babies, she’d like those too.

Nicola says: “It’s eight years since I won Young Musician of the Year. In the next eight years I’d hope to be a better violinist and I’d like to have started a family. I’ll be in my early 30s so I would probably like a baby or two by then.”

Better get busy making sweet, sweet music, Leonard. Lucky boy…

Plucked G-string observations  to follow…

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