Anorak News | Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat is cool (for a cat)

Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat is cool (for a cat)

by | 30th, August 2012

TO North Carolina, to see the “two-faced” kitten posted to reddit. He is “the coolest cat ever”.

Venus is on Facebook.

Says the owner of Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat:

“She’s as sweet as can be….gentle, loving, and has this little tiny kitten like “meow” even though she is 3 now. She acts like a big baby in the way that she loves to be babied. She doesn’t bother any furniture with her claws and uses a scratching post. She does not have one single bad habits……she’s perfect!”

“I only wish all of the skeptics that posted on wimps saying the pic was photoshopped went back to see the added video proof. That feed had almost 200,000 likes, 40,000 shares, and 11,000 comments last time I checked. I was very shocked to see just how viral her pics had gone and I’m not even the one who posted them anywhere.This has been such a neat unexpected experience! :) ”

Cats – two-faced at the best of times:

Spotter: VenusTheAmazingChimeraCat

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