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Daily Mail comes to rubbish Max Bygraves

by | 3rd, September 2012

MAX Bygraves is dead. Let’s see if the Daily Mail can rubbish him. The paper produces:

“The one story Max Bygraves DIDN’T want to tell you – The public adored him – and so did his wife. But behind the facade of a happy marriage lay some very troubling secrets

Now we can learn the truth. Christopher Stevens tells Mail readers that Bygraves was a bully who had a “string” of illegitimate children and kept them secret from his “suffering” wife Blossom. You can read all about it in Bygrace’s autobiography, Stars in My Eyes.

And as the Mail itself reported in 2011

In 1987 the world of showbusiness was shocked to learn that Bygraves had fathered a love child in the 1960s.

So much for sensation and revelations when a man born in 1922 dies in 2012.


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PA Photo 14/11/76 A library file picture of thirteen year-old singing star Lena Zavoroni getting a lift from entertainer Max Bygraves at the London Palladium where they were rehearsing for tommorow night's Royal Variety Performance

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