Anorak News | Madeleine McCann is spotted more often because she’s missing, says detective

Madeleine McCann is spotted more often because she’s missing, says detective

by | 4th, September 2012

WHEN we read that a German tourist has spotted Madeleine McCann on a flight from Ibiza, we wondered why he din’t shout out her name or take a really clear photograph? Still, he did his best. And the Olive Press, which broke the story that was picked up by the Daily Mirror and the Sun, says he did ok. In “Detective praises reporting of ‘Maddie’ sighting in Ibiza”, we read of former Met officer Ian Horrocks. We’ve heard from this expert before. He’s “praised the quick thinking of reader Frank Bode.

German businessman Bode was so convinced he had spotted the youngster with a German family on the flight from Ibiza to Munich a fortnight ago that he contacted police, the family and the Olive Press, after taking a photo.

Sure. But it wasn’t her. And then we get this belch of logic:

Horrocks believes that the longer Madeleine has been missing, the more likely it is that people will spot her.

The longer she is missing the more likely it is that people will think they have spotted her. No? Because if she’s spotted – get this, detective – she’s no longer missing. He then reasons:

“It has previously been said, ‘Who is going to openly walk out with the world’s most wanted child? This was clearly relevant in the days, weeks and months following her abduction but, as time has gone by, whoever took Madeleine is likely to be more confident about taking her out in public.”

So. What about all those sightings of her in those months? And they have they become less frequent with time? Madeleine McCann’s not been spotted in Morroco for years.

Psychic healer Carol Everett then puts the tin lid on the case:

“I can’t say that it’s her, but it certainly fits. A German family with two other children.”

Is that the same Everett who told us she “saw” Jo Yeates being attacked by two of a group of five men after she rejected their offer of a lift? Could be…

The paper then concludes:

Madeleine’s mother, Kate McCann has previously claimed that no matter how many years go by she would never fail to recognise her eldest daughter. “I know I would, I just know that if she came in here now I would know it was her.”

So. No. Madeleine McCann was not a plane from Ibiza.

Photo: Our Maddie was not in Morocco.

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