Anorak News | The Times uses interns to write in as the paper’s readers

The Times uses interns to write in as the paper’s readers

by | 5th, September 2012

WHAT do readers think of The Times? You can find out in the paper’s  You The Editor section, which “invites readers to pass judgement on the previous day’s newspaper”.

Readers like James Rothwell, “a student at Wadham College, Oxford.”

Yet another Times souvenir edition yesterday, but their frequency of these special issues is justified because public enthusiasm for the Games is far from flagging….Ben Macintyre’s article on Osama Bin Laden’s death in Opinion cleverly opposed commercial and political interests in filmmaking… a fantastic cut out of Lady Gaga on a motorbike, that really stood out….Finally Helen Rumshaw’s TV cops piece was a hidden gem, but it deserved more prominence.

Readers like Oliver Timms, “a student at Nottingham University”:

Simon Barnes wrote a nostalgic piece about Roger Federer…Although well written, Valentine Low’s account of royal expenses seemed rather inane…I was also surprised to find Jeremy Paxman’s reputation challenged by Helen Rumbelow in times2. I can’t imagine who would replace such a personality. Naturally, the debate about Bob Diamond’s future with Barclays felt a little out of date given news of his departure this morning. Perhaps in future CEOs might be a little more considerate with the timing of their resignations?

Oliver Timms wants to be a journalist. He tweeted on July 2:

Just completed first day of work experience @ The Times. Great day, great opportunity, roll on tomorrow!

Rothwell tweets that he’s a “freelance journalist, who has written for  The Times”.

Myron Jobson, “from Wembley” also reviewed The Times:

The coverage of the late British film-maker Tony Scott was outstanding. 

Jobson is a trainee journalist. He tweets:

If you have a Times online subscription, be sure to check out my latest piece for the property section

Sukhmani Khatkar “a politics student at the University of Cambridge” reviews The Times:

…Simon Barnes juxtaposed a tale of victory with a measured reflections on the terrorist attacks, security concerns and general scepticism…Tim Montgomerie and Catherine Philp provided interesting pieces on Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate…The Times provided a measured selection of reports, with a sharp focus on impending challenges.

A Sukhmani Khatkar writes for the the Cambridge Student newspaper. She also works as an intern at …The Times.

Well, on a positive spin, at least they read their own paper…

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