Anorak News | Lies and more lies on setting a minimum price for alcohol

Lies and more lies on setting a minimum price for alcohol

by | 8th, September 2012

DAMN, I do get pissed off with people trying to lie to us so that they can change the law. We’re supposed to be the people who decide how we’re ruled so they really do have to tell us the truth so we can decide.

The latest piece of bollocks is this:

Introducing a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit will prevent 50,000 pensioners dying of related health problems over the next decade, according to research commissioned by BBC Panorama.

So, 50,000 over a decade is 5,000 oldies a year not popping their clogs because someone’s raised the booze price and they can’t afford to get pissed any more.

I mean really, even on the face of it it looks bloody ridiculous. If someone in their golden years isn’t mature enough to decide how much they’d like to drink then what the fucking fuck, eh? Clearly no one should be allowed to decide anything for themselves and we can say good bye to this freedom and liberty shite.

But much more importantly, there is this:

That’s a lot of deaths avoided – 5,000 each year. I compared it with ONS statistics on alcohol-related deaths, which can be downloaded here. According to those data, there were 3,651 alcohol-related deaths in England in 2010 among people aged 55 and over.

Yup, they are claiming that more people will be saved from dying from booze than actually die from booze. At which point they can fuck off quite frankly.

The academics from the University of Sheffield who came up with this nonsense will say, well, of course, we’re using a wider, more inclusive, version of who gets killed by booze. One we’ve made up in fact.

At which point they can still fuck off, eh?

Tell me, is there any reason why we don’t raze Sheffiled University to the ground, plough the land with salt and sell the academics into bondage?

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