Anorak News | Use the Flintshire Doggy Do app to harvest the turds and feed them to slack owners

Use the Flintshire Doggy Do app to harvest the turds and feed them to slack owners

by | 8th, September 2012

HAPPY days for John Waters fans and other dog poo enthusiasts. Councils in Blaenau Gwent and Vale of Glamorgan have taken up the free Flintshire Doggy Do app. Thanks to Flintshire council’s technology, every time locals see a dog turd on the street, users press the app. and the map is updated.

Kevin Jones, Flintshire council cabinet member for public protection, waste and recycling, said:

“This app is just one of the methods we are using to address the issue of dog fouling in the county. It means that residents can report incidents to us any time of the day, any day in the week at a time that suits them. It’s restricted for use in the county of Flintshire, and is free to download.” 

In 2007, Cheltenham Borough Council had another plan. When a poo was spotted, the local dog warden would spray a red circle around the dump. One week later, a yellow circle was painted. A week after, the circle was painted white. After two weeks of decorating the turd, the thing is removed. The aim was to shame dogs owners.

In 2008, Mansfield District Council began spraying the dog poo pink.

In 2011, A Crouch End mum picked up the poo and marked the crime scene with chalk drawings of cupcakes.

As we move towards the day when a council polishes the poo and sprays it with a signature scent, we believe all turds left by dog owners in a public space – including those wrapped inside a thin stipy carrier bag and tossed into a tree – be posted to the owners’ addresses or, better, yet, harvested into a big buckets and pushed into their faces.

Few things are more disgusting than stepping in warm dog poo in an unshod foot or picking up a pile of snow to make ball with and finding a fresh ball of dog excrement in it.

It’s not just dog dislikers who hate dog poo. The responsible owners who carry warm shits in their pocket would delight in seeing the lazy sods brought to book.


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