Anorak News | Wiesnkoks festival cocaine banned from Oktoberfest

Wiesnkoks festival cocaine banned from Oktoberfest

by | 9th, September 2012

YOU can’y buy Wiesnkoks at next month’s Oktoberfest in Germany.  ‘Wiesnkoks’ – or festival cocaine – is a 5euro sachet filled with dextrose and menthol that comes in a wrap with a straw. The inventors wanted to flog it at the festival but the  Oktoberfest organisers it would distract from their beer. A spokesman tells media:

“We don’t want cocaine, nor do we want a sugar mixture which looks like cocaine. We just want guests to enjoy our beer nothing else.”

Inventor Wolfgang Stanek says:

“We are anti drugs. Our mixture just gives drunks a little shake to wake them up.”

Because when your’re drunk what you crave is a snort of minty sugar. Add a dash of essence of kebab essence and some Vulva, and he might have  winner…

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