Anorak News | Two great hours with Lady Gaga in Twickenham: the photos

Two great hours with Lady Gaga in Twickenham: the photos

by | 9th, September 2012

HOW can you not enjoy Lady Gaga, a little, lithe, dance-bodied twenty-something New Yorker who dresses from the deli counter and emerges on the Twickenham stage from a giant eyeball-veined womb, like a fairytale queen on a bag of rosy red apples about to be sieved through her metal fascinator? They comes to pay obeisance to the woman who pulls off knickers, bra and fishnets in public. They are not disappointed. Gaga includes the fans. She sings the hits with enthusiasm. She is self-indulgent, and unafraid of vocalising her opinions, notably on gays in the military. Sometimes she takes drugs. She compliments all, any and each sex on its appeal. Lady Gaga is the popstar you want to solve the problem presented by all the ones you don’t want. Now, what do you wear to meet her?


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