Anorak News | Tory headmistress issues students with toilet ‘tinkle cards’ (one per week)

Tory headmistress issues students with toilet ‘tinkle cards’ (one per week)

by | 10th, September 2012

TO Birmingham’s Castle Vale Performing Arts College, where all pupils have been issued with a “tinkle card”. The cards carry the message:

“I am missing a super important learning opportunity because I need to tinkle.”

Pupils only get one card a week. They are also encouraged to communicate with their teacher via hand gestures. There are a variety of signals:

Holding up three fingers – I need to go to the toilet.

Holding your nose with one hand and raising the other hand – I need a tissue.
Raising one finger in the air – I need a pencil.
Clasping your hands over your chest – I need paper or a book.
Putting two fingers to your eyes and then pointing – Telling the teacher the pupil cannot see them.
The Birmingham Mail then adds:

 Headmistress, Charlotte Blencowe, who reportedly once dated the son of Chuckle Brother, Barry Elliot, has refused to comment.

On the Website of Denis MacShane MP for Rotherham, we learn that Blencowe was once a Conservative Party candidate for Rotherham. The Yorkshire Post reported:

A CONTROVERSIAL plan for a free school backed by a Chuckle Brother has had its Government approval to open this year withdrawn. Education Secretary Michael Gove has removed his department’s backing for the Rotherham Central Free School amid claims that it had no teachers, pupils or buildings in place despite being set to open in less than eight months time…

The plan for the Rotherham Central Free School was launched in 2010 by Charlotte Blencowe, a teacher and former Conservative Party candidate from the town. She enlisted Barry Elliott, better known as one half of the Chuckle Brothers, to be its patron.

Pupils at Castle Vale Performing Arts College may care to begin making up  their own gestures, such as pointing at the headmistress and holding their sides, lest they split open…

PS – Ms Blencowe is available for panto.

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