Anorak News | Dead immigrant rains from plane on Mortlake’s Portman Avenue – maybe

Dead immigrant rains from plane on Mortlake’s Portman Avenue – maybe

by | 10th, September 2012

LOTS of people excited by low-flying planes over London today. If the Heathrow Third runway gets the go ahead it will be likes more often. Over in west London, eyes are aimed downwards to the body lying on Portman Avenue. The Daily Express surmises all the facts in a headline.


Well, not facts. Just an idea what might have occurred. The Daily Mail quotes a local man:

“But just imagine a melon being whacked and that is how he was.”

Billy Watson, 26, tells Evening Standard readers what he saw:

“I saw the body all twisted up outside. I heard someone outside and looked at the window at about half eight and the first thing I saw was this body across the road. His head was twisted one way and one of his legs was the wrong way round. His hip had popped out and one of his arms was behind him the wrong way.”

Words the dead man’s family and loved ones can cling to.

The Mail duly manages to work in the immigrant angle:

Billy Watson, 26, who lives opposite where the man fell, saw the body ‘all twisted up’ and believed it belonged to someone of Albanian or Moroccan origin.

The paper then delivers:


It’s raining immigrants in the Mail. The locals are frozen with fear…

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