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The Lake Annecy Murders: What Annemarie Souderman saw

by | 10th, September 2012

THE Annecy Lake Murders: The Times has an “exclusive“. It’s about “secret meetings“. News is that Saad al-Hilli relocated his family from one camp site two days before he and three others were murdered. In itself, this is no big deal. Camping with a car and a caravan after the school holiday rush make moving easy. Only, this new campsite was under a mile from the old one.

Why did he move?

The Times says he had no reservation at the Euro30-a-night Village Camping Europa site in the village of Saint Jorioz. He paid with a discount coupon.

Annemarie Souderman and her friend Jan Janssen saw the al-Hillis at the Europa site. She says:

“He went out for 20 or 30 minutes each time. The first time we thought he was going to the shops but it was very odd to go out so often alone.”

Ms Souderman said although they did not see anyone visiting the family they noticed an unusually smartly-dressed man in a smart jacket at the campsite at the time the al-Hillis were there. They said he appeared to come from from the Balkans or Eastern Europe.

We also now know that the victims were in the car park at least an hour before the attack.

And Mrs Iqbal al-Hilli?

Ms al-Hilli, 47, was born in Iran but grew up in Sweden. She met her husband in Dubai a decade ago. Her sister Fadwa al-Saffat, a pharmacist who recently finished a PhD at the University of Reading, is believed to be at Zainab’s bedside.

Meanwhile, Zainab al-Hilli, 7, is out of her medically induced coma and talking.

And the Times notes:

Passing cyclist Sylvain Mollier, 45, who lived in a nearby village, was shot seven times.

Just passing..?

The story so far is here.

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