Anorak News | Did Daily Mail’s paparazzi cause Peaches Geldof’s baby to fall from pram? Princess Diana all over again

Did Daily Mail’s paparazzi cause Peaches Geldof’s baby to fall from pram? Princess Diana all over again

by | 11th, September 2012

SO. Likeable Peaches Geldof is walking down the road in East London. She’s pushing her baby, Astala, in a top-of-the-range stroller. She is talking on the phone. The sun is out. And in front of her is man from Gotcha images pointing his camera at her. She’s seen the paparazzi before. Gotcha has snapped her walking her baby back in August. You can buy those images online.

They must have sold because the snappers took more.

This time, Peaches hit a pothole. Astala is tipped from her buggy. A 23-year-old woman needs help. The man from Gotcha just clicks the shutter. The young mum, with a look of concern on her face, lifts up her baby and places her back in the pram. She then tweets:

“It’s impossible to see these cracks when pushing a pram. The Mayor of London should do something about it it’s ridiculous!”

The Daily Mail buys the pictures.

Peaches Geldof spills the baby but not her phone, as she scoops him up and carries on the conversation

The inference is that Peaches has a lit of priorities: phone then baby.

One picture is captioned:

She continues to chat as she gathers him up and is still on the phone as she comforts him

Chat. Not tell a pal that she’s had an accident. Chat.

The Mail’s Alasdair Glennie notes, apropos of nothing:

Peaches’ mother Paula died from a heroin overdose in 2000 leaving her and her sisters Pixie, Fifi and Tiger Lily to be brought up by Geldof.

Comments approved for publication include:

Wow, glad she’s not my mum – Nancy

What an airhead – Try this at home

Wow, from these pictures I see this dimwit is still talking on her damned mobile phone instead of caring for and looking after her baby? Is this an indication of her priorities and common sense? – intrepid001

And this is the Daily Mail, which vowed on 8 September 1997, eight days after the death of Princess Diana:

Mail leads the way in banning paparazzi pictures.

The proprietor of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Evening Standard announced last night that his papers will not in future purchase pictures taken by paparazzi Viscount Rothermere, chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc said: ‘I am, and always have been, an admirer of Diana, Princess of Wales, and nagged my editors to protect her so far as they could against her powerful enemies. In view of Earl Spencer’s strong words and my own sense of outrage, I have instructed my editors no ‘paparazzi’ pictures are to be purchased without my knowledge and consent.’

Like Diana, seatbelts were not used. Like Diana, maybe the photographers contributed to the accident?

So. Who wants to see a photograph of young 23-year-old mother being distracted by a photographer and getting upset?

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