Anorak News | Lake Annecy Murders: Philippe D remembers and the Balkan is an Italian

Lake Annecy Murders: Philippe D remembers and the Balkan is an Italian

by | 11th, September 2012

LAKE Annecy Murders: Saad al-Hilli, 50, Ikbal al-Hilli, 47, Suhaila al-Allaf, 74, Sylvain Mollier, 45, have been murdered:

The Times: “Alps hiker tells how he found bodies of British family”

A hiker named Philippe D, 41, found the dead bodies. He tells Le Parisien newspaper:

“I approached the car. I did not touch anything but I saw that there was nothing more to do. There was no sign of life. There was no sound. It was like a movie … a television series where everything begins with a murder. Except this time, it was us as the actors and that we did not have the remote to change the channel. A few minutes [earlier], it might be us that were there, instead of the cyclist [who was] killed.”

Really? Unless the cyclist was meant to be there?

“We did not know whether we were alone or not. If we were in danger or not. If [the killers] were still there or not. We thought we were taking risks.”

He believes the killer or killers escaped on foot. Or how about they escaped on a bike?

The Times than continues the speculation:

Experts believe the [murder] weapon could be a Czech-made Skorpion vz.61 sub-machine gun used by Soviet forces during the Cold War.

Any more facts?

Mr al-Hilli, it emerged, had had a series of secret meetings during the holiday and the family had suddenly moved from one campsite to another less than a mile away only two days before the killing.

Secret? How so? Did his wife know? His mother in law? Anyone else know? Who says they were secret?

Evening Standard: “I was sure Zainab was dead: First witness describes ‘horror scene’ of Alps massacre”

No. The first witness was the RAF man who who found the bodies.

As they approached Chevaline at around 4.10pm, a ‘terrified cyclist’ – the RAF officer – came hurtling towards them. The hiker said : “This man was in a panic and coming down the road. He explained to me in bad French that there was a drama a little higher up. He was trying to call an ambulance. I did not know if he didn’t have a mobile phone, or if his phone network was not connecting at this point.”

The BBC:

A number of media reports on the shooting of four people in the French Alps have been questioned by the owners of the campsite where the al-Hilli family stayed. Details relating to Saad al-Hilli’s behaviour and payment have been contradicted, and a “mysterious Balkan man” reported to have been on site has been explained as an Italian man who was using the site’s swimming pool.

The Sun:

Find the mystery Balkan

Well he’s Italian.  He was out of his funny clothes and by the pool for two days:

POLICE are hunting a suspicious Balkan man seen around the campsite where Saad Al-Hilli and his family were staying just days before the Alpine massacre. Jan Janssen and friend Annemarie Souderman, who were camping near the British family, said the stranger stood out because he was not wearing holiday clothes.

Such are the facts…

All the story so far.

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