Anorak News | Lake Annecy Murders: Ex-RAF pilot Brett Martin says what he saw

Lake Annecy Murders: Ex-RAF pilot Brett Martin says what he saw

by | 13th, September 2012

LAKE Annecy murders: Anorak’s look at the four murders in the news media: Meet Brett Martin, the former RAF pilot who was first on the scene. He’s talked on camera to the BBC. Why?

Linked In says a Brett Martin was a “B757 Pilot at Air 2000; Air Defence Weaponeering Instructor (pilot) at Royal Air Force“.

He tells the BBC that he did not see the four-year-old child. He says the bodies were slumped. It does not surprise him that Zaina al-Hilli was not seen. He says it was like a movie.

“If you’ve seen CSI Miami it was pretty much what you would imagine the set from CSI Miami would be like. There was a lot of blood and heads with bullet holes in them.”

Why would a witness to such horror go on the telly? He was asked. Is it that simple?

The Daily Mail says French police are “baffled“; Zainab al-Hilli, 7, has not been interviewed fully; she may lose an eye; the former RAF officer who “stumbled on the carnage” is back in the UK.

Facts are: Saad Al-Hilli, 50, mother Ikbal al-Hilli, 47, Suhaila al-Allaf, 74, and Sylvain Mollier, have been murdered. All shot twice in the head. A double-tap. Police style.

Eric Maillaud, the French prosecutor says:

“She [Zainab]…is the only person alive who actually could have seen something.”

No. Lots of people could have seen something, not least of all the killers and anyone in the area at the time.

Mr Maillaud adds:

“We might have the answers in two, three or ten years – it’s a painstaking procedure…It’s not like the American TV series where they solve everything in 45 minutes.”

Sky News says Maillaud is at Surrey police headquarters. He says:

“Without any doubt the reasons and the causes have their origins in this country.”

So. Not a random attack, then.

What about Zainab? The tabloids compete to make things even worse for the orphaned child:

Daily Record: “Oldest daughter who survived French Alps shooting brain damaged after attack”
Daily Mail: “Alps victim, 7, may have lost sight in one eye”

As for clues, the family car has some, maybe. Sky reports:

The car is being examined at a research facility at Rosny-sous-Bois near Paris, the same facility where scientists spent years analysing the Mercedes in which Princess Diana died in a Paris tunnel in 1997.

How they love to sprinkle celebrity stardust on the gore.

Investigators are intrigued by key facts about the car, including that it had a flat rear tyre, dents on its lower bodywork, and that it was locked. A source close to the inquiry said: “If they can establish that the car had contact with another vehicle, then this will be hugely significant. “The killers may have also left vital evidence on the car which only experienced forensics experts would be able to find.”

Such are the facts…

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