Anorak News | Fergie wants end to United and Liverpool’s tasteless chants

Fergie wants end to United and Liverpool’s tasteless chants

by | 14th, September 2012

THE relationship between Manchester United and Liverpool has always been a tricky one. Like sparring, feuding brothers, a deep rooted respect is often translated to burst noses and enough bickering to make even the pettiest human cry.

Over the years, both sides of this near-derby has seen some pretty unsavoury words shared. Of course, it makes for a fascinating spectacle, but Sir Alex Ferguson has just about had enough of it and wants the tasteless chanting that has marred matches between the two, to stop.

Liverpool have endured chants about the Hillsborough disaster, while returning with songs about the Munich air disaster. All-in-all, it has been pretty undignified.

“You’d hope that this is a line in the sand in terms of how the fans behave with one another,” Ferguson said. “The fact we are playing them after the findings we have been reading about in the last couple of days does bring a focus to it.”

“We are two great clubs and we should understand each other’s problems in the past. Certainly the reputation of both clubs doesn’t deserve it. Both clubs have suffered fatalities through football. You hope that fans do behave themselves and support their team and that will be the end of it.”

Ferguson’s remarks come after the damning report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel which cleared Liverpool fans of any blame surrounding the tragedy when 96 fans died. And now, the first game post-report to take place at Anfield will be against the Red Devils.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers echoed these sentiments by saying that he hoped these findings would end the hurtful chants by “idiots“, adding: “I speak as a human being and I don’t ever like to hear anything like that, whatever club it is, that associates with other people’s tragedies and death.”

“Unfortunately you have a very small percentage of idiots at any club who will always try to smear another club’s reputation.”

What chance are you giving football fans of behaving surrounding all this then?

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