Anorak News | Rupert Everett doesn’t like gay dads (nothing to do with awful Britpop group)

Rupert Everett doesn’t like gay dads (nothing to do with awful Britpop group)

by | 18th, September 2012

THERE may be something of a shitstorm coming Rupert Everett’s way as he’s declared that he “can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads“.

Now, of course, Rupert is a gay man himself, so this confuses matters. People won’t know whether to call him a homophobe or simply, an insensitive twerp. Either way, for such a normally likeable man, these comments are going to stick in many-a-craw.

Naturally, there are many things worse than being brought up by two gay dads, such as being raised in a loveless or abusive marriage… Kellogg’s Toppas, typhoid, spiders in your mouth and the music of Mumford & Sons. The latter may seem trivial and throwaway, but try indulging in them all at the same time and you’ll find it far worse than some flippant remark from a chisel chinned thesp.

In the interview with the actor and his mother, she said: “In the past I have said that I wish Rupert was straight and I probably still feel that. I’d like him to have a pretty wife. I’d like him to have children. But I also think a child needs a mummy and a daddy. I’ve told him that and he takes it very well.”

‘Very well’, in this instance seems to mean ‘agrees with me’.

Still, there’s a number of celebrities and commentators that think along these lines. Lowri Turner off the telly is mystifying in her approach, once saying that she “doesn’t want them running the country” as well as slating bisexual people (“If they think they are old enough to run the country then surely they are old enough to work out which gender they fancy?”) and that the only thing gay people have to worry about (bear in mind, “some of my best friends [are] gay”) is “whether to have a black sofa or a cream one” adding “if they have a child it is a dog.”

So there you have it. So good old fashioned homophobia from the celebsphere! Enjoy!

*pounds head into desk*

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