Anorak News | Amish Mullets guilty of hair-cutting hate crime

Amish Mullets guilty of hair-cutting hate crime

by | 21st, September 2012

BACK in October 2011, a group of  Amish men cut the hair from the members of another Amish group. Now, Samuel Mullet Sr. and fifteen of his group have been convicted of federal conspiracy and hate crimes. They each face a possible ten year sentence for waging a campaign of terror across Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Mullet Sr’s group also faces allegations that he forced his followers to have sex with married women to “cleanse them of the Devil”.

But it is the hair cutting that is most heinous. According to Amish custom, men grow beards and women do not cut their hair:

The testimony included an elderly woman’s account of her terror as six of her children and their spouses made a surprise late-night visit, with the men holding down her sobbing husband as they hacked off his beard and hair and the women cut her waist-length hair to above the ears as she prayed aloud.

Mullet Sr. was the mastermind:

According to testimony, Mr. Mullet stayed up late to greet attackers when they returned to the compound after one of the assaults, accepting a bag of shorn hair as well as disposable cameras used to record the victims’ humiliation. The prosecutors argued that his followers would not have acted without Mr. Mullet’s approval, citing what one of his sisters called the zombielike obedience of Bergholz residents.

When the Mullets become experts in hair care, the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Photo 1: Bishop Raymond Hershberger, of the Holmes County Amish community, is attacked by Johnny Mullet

Sam Mullet stands in front of his Bergholz, Ohio home on Monday. Oct. 10, 2011.

The Mullets: Sam Mullet and sons Johnny Mullet and Lester Mullet.

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