Anorak News | Blake admits getting Amy Winehouse into hard drugs

Blake admits getting Amy Winehouse into hard drugs

by | 23rd, September 2012

AMY Winehouse’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil tells the Sun:

“I don’t know whether it absolves my guilt or responsibility. But it meant I didn’t kill my ex-wife…I was the one who brought drugs into the relationship. When the toxicology results came back I was relieved there were no drugs in her system.”


“It seems disrespectful to Amy to assume she was so impressionable she would take them without making the decision to do so herself. She was actually very strong and independent.”

Ah, Fiedler-Civil, the man with name like a provincial solicitors’ firm and the look of an utter pillock.

Winehouse loved her Blaaaaaake. Thanks to his idiocy we got to hear her heart break in some cracking songs, not least of all her full-throated laments at the rehab industry – followed by no little irony as government ponces met  the singer’s grieving family to talk about addiction as moral, godless failure to be cured by experts who belive it when rent-a-gobs like Amanda Platell opine in print:”I fear she made crack cocaine cool” and Mr Knob Cheese Alex James, who told Sun readers: “Winehouse’s death could have happened to me.”

Blake Fielder-Civil a dislikable arsehat in a tatty trilby who got a truly rare talent into drugs. What a ****.

Amy Winehouse & Blake

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