Anorak News | Street light forces Croydon man to sleep in bath

Street light forces Croydon man to sleep in bath

by | 23rd, September 2012

THE Croydon Guardian reports on Roger Ellis, of New Addington, who, as the story goes, slept in his bath because the light from a new streetlamp was polluting his bedroom.

The paper says he was “forced to sleep in the bath in his…home” for four nights.

Says Mr Ellis, 47:

“It is a terrible society we live in where people are put after money and profit. I will take this to the next level and will be speaking to my lawyers.”

Croydon Council says the light is fine.

But the most notable part of this story is that we see Mr Ellis in his bath, a mattress behind his head and duvet on his front. We don’t see the rest of his home, but wonder if, distracted by the bright light, he might be advised to place something on the windows – cardboard; curtains; tin foil – or sleep in the lounge. If Mr Ellis could have designed a way to make anyone less sympathetic to his plight it would have been hard.

Perhaps we should be relieved that the light did not force him to sleep on the floor, in his oven or on top of the TV…

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