Anorak News | Richard Littlejohn says only white natives of Albion can afford an iPhone5

Richard Littlejohn says only white natives of Albion can afford an iPhone5

by | 25th, September 2012

THE Daily Mail’s in-house game of tag-team troll baiter selects Richard Littlejohn as today’s tosser:

Below the headline “Has Apple opened a Sangatte?” and a photo (see left) of people queuing up in London’s Covent Garden for the new iPhone 5, Litteljohs notes:

If you want a graphic illustration of how unfettered immigration has changed the demographic make-up of Britain, look no further than the picture in Saturday’s Mail of the crowd waiting for the Apple store in London to open.

Because only immigrants buy iPhones. Show your passport to get your phone:

It looks like the queue for the lorries at Sangatte.

Yep. All brown people, according to Littlejohn, look like illegal immigrants, including those with cash in their pockets to shop in London. Everyone not blessed with rosy cheeks and ginger tops – the classic look of Albion natives (Littlejohn is dark of hair and a rhomboid face, like a Romanian-Slav) – is breaking the law, or looking to.

There’s even a bloke wrapped in a blanket. I shan’t speculate as to how they can all afford £599 for a new iPhone, although apparently some of them were paid by others to queue up.

Because no-one with dark skin could have gotten the money by fair means. A white master must have hired them.

Plenty of readers did a double-take, even those who live in our multi-culti capital city.

We want names.

No doubt the usual suspects will howl ‘racism’, but it is remarkable that the only white face belongs to a blonde bird in a hi-viz jacket. And she’s probably Polish.


In other news, some of them are wearing blue T-shirts and whooping:

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