Anorak News | John Terry: guilty of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand in FA hearing

John Terry: guilty of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand in FA hearing

by | 27th, September 2012

WHAT do you do about racists? Tell them they’re wrong? Well, that doesn’t work because there’s no reasoning with racists. Punch them in the mouth then? Violence and racism pretty much equate in terms of lousy actions.

Well, if you’re the FA and you’ve just found John Terry guilty of being racist, you hand them a four match ban.

That’s right! Four whole days off work for being a thoroughly awful human. And that’s what John Terry is. That’s not to say he’s an actual racist, rather, he seems to be the kind of person who might say the most damaging thing in his head just to wound someone, whether he means it or not.

Either way, let the record show that the Football Association think John Terry is a racist. A Westminster Magistrate does not, acquitting him of a public order offence in July.

The Independent Regulatory Commission will provide written reasons for its decision in due course. Mr Terry has the right to appeal the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission to an Appeal Board,” said The FA in a statement. “An appeal must be lodged within 14 days from receipt of the written reasons for the decision. The penalty is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or should Mr Terry decide not to appeal. The reason for this is to ensure that the penalty does not take effect before any appeal so that Mr Terry has an effective right of appeal.”

In the meantime, Terry doesn’t have to play for England anymore and he’s got a four match ban so he can work out how best to play the victim in all of this, as celebrities are prone to do.

What do you think? Is Terry a proper racist or someone who is an arsehole who said a racist thing? (subtle difference)

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