Anorak News | Twitter censors tagets faggots, fags and d***s

Twitter censors tagets faggots, fags and d***s

by | 1st, October 2012

INTOLERANCE will not be tolerated is the Twitter mantra. Chis Paine looks at how homophobia is ok on twitter:

THIS is a shocking fact: the word ‘f—-t’ has been used more than 2.5 million times on Twitter since July.

Faggot is the word expunged from Paine’s article by the censors on Australia’s site.

Similar terms – “so gay” (896k), “no homo” (818k) and “d–e” (346k) – have been tracked by¬†, a new wesbite that “holds a mirror up to society”.

D..e? This game of guess the offending word is getting tough.

The site, an initiative of Canada’s Alberta University, tracks real tweets from real users in real time.


Back to that alarming stat: there have been 2.5 million uses of the word ‘f—-t’ since July; it’s a conservative estimate that doesn’t include the oft-used “f-g”, because that’s a synonym for cigarette in the UK.



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