Anorak News | Why did Glencoe locals shun Jimmy Savile?

Why did Glencoe locals shun Jimmy Savile?

by | 1st, October 2012

A READER writes on Jimmy Savile:

I expect he smells a lot better now he’s been buried face-down in concrete for a few months.

The BBC actually has a lot to answer for…the men in grey suits thoughts his antics were amusing and, , ‘after all old chap,’ he was only forcibly shagging “spotty common girls” from the frozen north. No “nice gals” were involved.

He bought a holiday place in Glencoe and I was told the locals simply shunned him. He had to travel to Inverness or Fort William for supplies. Whenever I asked (during Glen Coe regattas) every single query was met by a change of subject.

I was never aware of anyone so universally disliked by what are a normally warm and accepting bunch of people.

Savile owned Alt-na-Reigh cottage.

Did you know him? Ever visit?

Photo: The Prince of Wales (left),  Sir Jimmy  Savile (centre),  and deputy Lord lieutenant, Ian Thornber, share a joke after the prince arrived in Glencoe for a visit to the mountain rescue centre.

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