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Guardian get 50 loons to explain climate change

by | 1st, October 2012

TO celebrate the fact that we’ve only got 50 months to save Gaia from being boiled as we sleep in our beds The Guardian has invited 50 extremist nutters serious thinkers to contribute their view of what must be changed. So that we don’t boil Gaia.

As you can imagine everyone rides their own hobby horse using climate change as a crutch to support their own desires. The bureaucrat that the bank has hired to make them look like they care spouts nonsense about bureaucratic organisation. The bint from Oxfam tells us it’s all us rich peoples’ fault. And then there’s this from the Co Op bloke:

But, above all, we should build sharing in to our economy. The gap between rich and poor in the UK is at the highest since records began. Inequality is rife, with 50% of the nation’s population owning just 1% of its wealth. We need to recognise forms of business that are good at sharing – such as co-operatives. Worldwide, there are three times as many member owners of co-operatives, sharing in profits, as there are individual shareholders. We all need a stake in a low-carbon economy.

Well, just fancy that. Climate change means the world needs more of just what I do. How unusual an answer is that? For this bod is, erm, the head of the Co Op.

He gets worse though:

…the number one source of inefficiency in social and environmental terms is individual ownership…..(…)… The average child, according to our survey, has over 75 different toys, gadgets and items that they own at home.

Yep. Your three year old niece owning her very own blankie and Raggedy Anne doll. That’s what’s killing Gaia and we have to take them away from her in order to save the planet.

Don’t any of these people ever actually listen to themselves? Try and evaluate their spoutings against some sort of rationality? You know, maybe there is a climate change problem but perhaps it’s more to do with that fucking great coal fired power station over there than with a toddler’s nap time accompaniments? Or is a necessary qualification for being a serious thinker an entire inability to have any sense of perspective or scale whatsoever?


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