Anorak News | Jimmy Savile got his brick stuck in a sex shop

Jimmy Savile got his brick stuck in a sex shop

by | 1st, October 2012

BACK in July 2011, Jimmy Savile was in a sex shop. Bedfordshire On Sunday reported:

Call for Sir Jimmy brick to be removed from sex shop

Yes. Brick. He wasn’t that desperate.

Ken Lynch, parish councillor for Sandy, said that now that 84-year-old Jim’ll Fix It star is dead he is continuing with his demand for the brick to be taken out of the wall of the Adult Pit Stop off the A1, near Tempsford.

It was part of the Stick A Brick campaign for Stoke Mandeville hospital:

Cllr Lynch, 74, said:

“I worked for Sir Jimmy for three years on this campaign. The brick was put into the building before it became an Indian restaurant and now it’s a sex shop. I protested against it and tried to get the brick removed”…

Martin Cobban, manager of the Adult Pit Stop said that he’d be happy to talk to Mr Lynch if he could give him a valid reason why the brick should be removed. He bought the brick and decided to build it into the premises which he previously owned with his brother and which was originally a Happy Eater.

The article ended:

Mr Cobban said that the article was the best ‘advertising they had never done’ and that they had a lot more customers.

Ows about that den guys n gils…

Note: a review of the shop tells us:

 I browsed with eight other people, in one of the busiest adult shops I’ve ever been in, to some a-bit-too-loud music. A simply vast display of magazines took me past a rack of clothes including a £50 Harmony top in need of a shine, and a complete PVC nurse outfit (tunic, hat, knickers, fancy basque) for £90. A long toy wall featured £25 Slim Jim strap-on (cheap!) and £30 anal douche (not cheap!). £25 DVDs covered a wall and several freestanding islands. These stands were at odd angles to each other, but I don’t suppose anyone cares. I also spotted Roxana boxed lingerie around £30 and a mirrored bar/counter area; another refugee from the past. People were still coming and going when I sat outside writing my notes. 

Now then, now then…

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