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Everyone knew someone raped by Jimmy Savile

by | 2nd, October 2012

JIMMY Savile sets the news agenda: the Star (“SAVILE QUIZZED BY COPS FIVES YEARS AGO”); the Daily Mail, which leads with the photographs of two women and the the headline: “WE WERE VICTIMS Of JIMMY SAVILE”; the Sun goes with “Jimmy Savile Molested Me When I was 14.”

The Mail’s women are:

Katrina Rose, 51, says she was attacked in Savile’s flat when she was 14. The BBC DJ had met Katrina’s mother through his work at Broadmore hospital. He asked if her daughter would like to see how Top of the Pops was made. He told the girl to come alone. She says:

“When he invited me to watch him record the show, I jumped at the chance as I went to stage school and wanted to be an actress. He asked that I come alone because he could only do tours for ‘special people’, so my parents gave me permission to get the train from Surrey where we lived. I walked with him from his flat in Belgravia to the BBC studios and he wore a balaclava as he said he would be mobbed by fans without it. I wasn’t worried as he was a family friend and my mother trusted him…I was sitting on a chair and he came in with the tea and sat on the sofa. He asked he if I’d had a good day.”

He asked her for a hug. She hugged. He shoved his tongue own her throat.

He eventually leaned back and asked if I was enjoying it. I said “No” and he stopped…I went home to my mother and told her what had happened, but I’m not sure she understood how serious it was…The word paedophile wasn’t even used then and people just called them dirty old men…He later asked a contact of his at Broadmoor to apologise to me through my mother, though didn’t say what he was apologising for.”

She adds:

“I still remember his disgusting cigar breath and I have hated the smell ever since.”

Bebe Roberts says Savile attacked her when she was 15. Roberts was a boarder at Duncroft Approved School in Surrey.

“I was in the corridor outside our dorm, which was called Wedgewood, when he came up at the back of me and put his arm around my back and onto my breast. The touching was outside the clothing but he knew what he was doing…I suppose we were a little bit star struck. After that I just kept away from him….He was a nasty man – I think nowadays he would be classed as a paedophile…He definitely liked young girls. I feel quite bad about saying this because they say you should not speak ill of the dead.”

She then adds:

I don’t think I would have said this if he had had any children because it would be horrible to know that your father was basically a paedophile. There were plenty of places in the gardens and the grounds where he could have taken girls – but I cannot say that he ever did.’

All pretty unpleasant. What we need is a rape victim to go the record.

The Sun features Deborah Cogger, who also went to Duncroft:

“He grabbed me and I wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way. He pulled me back and I landed on his lap. That vile tongue of his, tasting of cigars, went right down my throat. I was so shocked, and eventually managed to struggle away. Later I discovered he did it all the time, it was ‘Jimmy’s way’.”


“I’m speaking out now because people should know what a pervert Jimmy Savile really was. I want the world to know Savile molested me and other girls. He was a bad, bad man. After he first groped me and tried to snog me I avoided him on subsequent visits, but other girls were not so lucky. He was a dangerous sexual predator.”

She then adds:

“Jimmy had his favourites, the ones who idolised him and didn’t cause a fuss. The girls he had groomed got taken to watch his shows. I’ve no doubt he did whatever he wanted with them.”

But we have not hear from them. The testimony is missing. Mrs Cogger, 52, has no doubt. But we are allowed to.

The tabloids are hunting for victims. We then meet Jill.

Jill — not her real name — told The Sun: “He jumped on me and pulled my hand to his crotch. He was wearing very tight trousers. I realised he was excited…

She says he asked her if she was on the pill. She said she wasn’t. So he asked her to leave. Jill was 20.

Ex-BBC producer Wilfred De’Ath went on ITV News. He has shocking news:

“He spent a night with a girl who was at the most 12 and I said, ‘Jimmy, surely you realise you’re living dangerously’. All he said was, ‘Oh no, I’m much too valuable to the BBC for them to do anything.”

A 12-year-old spent the night with Jimmy Savile? Was she a runaway? Did her parents allow it? Was Jimmy Savile hosting Michel Jackson’s tule sleepovers? Again, the story, and was it implies, are shaper than the facts.

Ex-Radio 1 DJ Paul Gambaccini adds:

“It comes out when he’s dead because you just didn’t mess with Jimmy Savile.”

You put your media career about the law?

The talk of Savile as sexual deviant who prayed on underage girls is scattergun news. The testimonies of the women must be taken on face value. The impression is of a man whose entire life was about finding ways to get close to children in order to abuse them. Savile was so desperate to underage sex that he ran over 100 marathons and took to wearing elasticated tracksuit pant at all times. Are we allowed to be a little circumspect, or is the mood so dark that it is now fact that Jimmy Savile was a child rapist, albeit it one whose victims we don’t know..?

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