Anorak News | Massive surprise as Vatican act like thundering berks!

Massive surprise as Vatican act like thundering berks!

by | 2nd, October 2012

THE Catholic Church is not a kind institution. Everyone knows about their feelings on homosexuality, abortion, women, contraception, child-abuse and Nazi gold.

So, with little surprise, the Vatican is acting like primitive, brutal arsehats over the Pope’s butler who has been accused of stealing some of Benny the Pontiff’s letters.

Paolo Gabriele entered the witness box in a Vatican courtroom to defend himself against a charge which says he’s swiped¬†papal letters and documents alleging power struggles and corruption and passed them off to a journalist. Popey’s private secretary, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein, said that he began having suspicions about Gabriele after he realised three documents that appeared in the journalist’s book could only have come from the office he shared with Gabriele.

Georg there, passing the buck with masterful ease.

Asked, though, by his lawyer Cristiana Arru how he responded to the charge of aggravated theft, Gabriele said: “I declare myself innocent concerning the charge of aggravated theft. I feel guilty of having betrayed the trust of the Holy Father, whom I love as a son would.”

Furthermore, the butler said that he was held in a tiny room with the light on constantly and put under psychological pressure in the first few weeks of his detention. His lawyer asked if it was true that for the first weeks after his arrest he was held in a room so narrow that he could not stretch out his arms, he said: “Yes.” He continued:¬†“For the first 15-20 days the light was on 24 hours a day and there was no switch. As a result my eyesight was damaged.”

The trial continues and one hopes that, at some point, the Pope calls God to the witness box so we can clear up once and for all, whether He exists or not.

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