Anorak News | Woman hid 36 packets of crack up her vagina (gun not found)

Woman hid 36 packets of crack up her vagina (gun not found)

by | 3rd, October 2012

TO Philadelphia, where 22-year-old Ashley Bellamy has been stopped by police in Upper Darby (surely caught by the fuzz? -Ed).

Bellamy was in a car with her boyfriend, Marcus Gibson, 23. A man asked them for some crack. He produced $50. Gibson pulled a gun and told the customer to go to the cash machine and bring more money. The man called the police.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says Bellamy got out the car and was “walking funny”. He says:

 “The woman says, ‘I have crack up in my vagina,’ and she pushed out 36 vials of crack cocaine that were in a bag.”

Gibson said that the drugs were his and that he had asked his girlfriend to conceal them. Chitwood adds:

“It’s true love in the ‘hood. Thank God the lady didn’t have a snake or a crocodile, or we’d really have been in trouble.”

Why would anyone be selling snakes in a car park? Although, interestingly, the gun was never found.


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